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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I am hoping by now, you are loving the first steps of your Ayurvedic Morning Routine and that it is beginning to take roots in your daily living.

So here is the next little ritual to add – a simple and cleansing glass of fresh, filtered water and lemon. From an Ayurvedic understanding, warm or tepid pre-boiled water is always nourishing and hydrating for the body. Adding lemon to water in the morning particularly is a powerful cleansing tool. It kick starts the peristalsis action of the bowel and also awakens the functions of the entire visceral body. It strengthens the digestive fire which becomes slow overnight, allowing you to metabolise food in a stronger capacity throughout the day. To top it all off, it is also extremely beneficial for cleansing the skin which is always a bonus. For more of a read on warm water and lemon benefits, please check it out here.

So to add it to your daily routine, simply squeeze the fresh juice of a lemon or lime (organic and non-waxed) to some warm pre-boiled water after you’ve scraped your tongue and done your oil pulling. Sip slowly and sitting down if possible.

As always, never hesitate to be in contact if you have any questions or queries.


The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the science of Ayurveda. If you have an acute or chronic health concern, please consult your chosen trained health care professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, contact The Sattva Centre directly -

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