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The Triangle Formula for Healing 

Recovery from chronic illness requires an active and intensive approach in three key areas, like the sides of a triangle - all linked and equally important. I have developed the triangle formula through my own experience with severe illness and in working with clients for years in a variety of capacities. 


To heal from any form of chronic disease, you need to understand the root cause, make changes to your lifestyle and cleanse. These factors combined are incredibly powerful in not only eliminating current symptoms but also in maintaining wellness for life. 


In working with me, either with direct consultation or education through workshops and online platforms, the triangle formula will be the centre of our approach. Please see below for the formula explained in further detail. 


1 - Root Cause 

2 - Lifestyle 

Why is identifying the root cause of disease important?


Understanding what has initiated, and continues to trigger your symptoms, is absolutely critical to your healing.

The holistic approach to healing disease, in Ayurvedic terms, is quite simple in principal. If you identify and eliminate the root cause, the symptoms are relieved.

Treating symptoms without removing the cause often provides only temporary relief or a masking effect. To heal many forms of chronic illness requires looking at the starting place and addressing it with targeted intervention. 


Where do your “vitals” need support? 

These areas would include your:

  1. Sleep,

  2. Relationship with stress,

  3. Digestion,

  4. Elimination of waste and, 

  5. Overall vitality/immune health.


How do we heal with food?


If you are a person battling chronic illness, it's important to master the art of what you consume.

Healing unquestionably starts in your kitchen, food is medicine. 



Why are herbs and supplements a game changer?


Herbal medicine used wisely and under guidance, can move the needle on permanently healing symptoms. 

As a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner I will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

3 - Cleanse 

Why is cleansing effective in recovering from chronic illness?

Ayurveda has been shouting this from the rooftops for centuries, stating that we need periodic times of cleansing in order for our entire system to reset and restore. Even more critically in our modern age, cleansing is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

In short, our human system is not designed to naturally detoxify the barrage of unnatural exposures occurring to all of us on the daily and in profuse quantities. We, and by this I mean our poor overburdened livers, simply aren’t able to effectively filter out:

  • toxic heavy metals,

  • viral/bacterial waste and inflammation, 

  • pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, DDT, 

  • artificial fragrances (scented candles, cosmetics and self-care products), 

  • cleaning products and detergents,

  • radiation,

  • plastics,

  • fluoride,

  • chlorine, 

  • petrochemicals,

  • chemical additions to foods (MSG, preservatives, artificial and natural flavours etc.),

  • GMO foods, 

  • chemical substances used in clothing and bedding manufacturing and,

  • excess adrenaline derived from chronic, severe stress and trauma.


Put the above factors in conjunction with critically dehydrating diets, laden with high fat, high protein while low in healing foods such as fruit, vegetables, herbs and wild foods - you are heading for a health disaster.  

To add insult to injury, not only do our overworked visceral systems struggle to filter these toxins and dietary burdens, but we store and pass them onto the next generations.


Using the knowledge offered by Anthony William (Medical Medium) and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, I will up-skill you on the what, how and when to cleanse in order to remove the troublemakers causing your symptoms.

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