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The Ayurvedic philosophy and diagnostic approach to healing is multi-faceted and holistic. 

The first step in healing is to understand and learn about your Prakriti or unique constitution. 

If you live in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms and strengths, imbalance and dis-ease cannot thrive.


Together with your Ayurvedic Practitioner, you will identify your Prakriti and then also your Vikriti, or current state of imbalance.

To pacify your Vikriti and eliminate symptoms, in collaboration with your Ayurvedic Practitioner, three steps will occur in as part of your healing journey:

  1. Identification and removal, as much as possible, of the root cause or starting place of your symptoms. 

  2. Balancing and syncing your visceral or key internal systems – your digestion and appetite, elimination systems and your sleep routine. 

  3. Lastly, you will learn to live in harmony with your Prakriti or natural constitution. Which foods, lifestyle choices, routines and conditions best suit you as a unique individual to thrive and flourish throughout life.




As part of your initial consultation at The Sattva Centre, we will work together to establish important holistic health plan. Your initial appointment will be approximately one hour in length.

Your consultation with an Ayurvedic Practitioner will include:

  • An explanation of Ayurvedic origin, science and philosophy.

  • Establishing both your Prakriti (natural constitution) and Vikriti (current state of health imbalance) through discussion, analysis and questioning.

  • Establishing medical history, family history, past health issues and any current medications.

  • A systemic examination.

  • Daily dietary intake analysis.

  • Discussion about your current emotions and the mind.

  • Establishing any Ama (toxins) that may be in the body.


A subsequent follow up consultation is often required to review treatment plans and administer both external and herbal treatments if needed.

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N U R T U R E   P R O G R A M



In Ayurveda, pregnancy, birth and post-partum care are considered sacred rites of passage that need to be highly supported and nurtured to ensure optimum health and wellbeing for both mother and baby. 

Through the Nurture program at The Sattva Centre, the following services are offered to expectant mothers, partners and babies both during pregnancy and the birth but also during the critical post-partum recovery period. 


  1. Monthly check ups with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or Doctor to support mothers and babies during this important  first few months of pregnancy. This includes dietary and   lifestyle guidance, medicinal support especially for morning sickness and fatigue, yoga and meditation practice for balancing mind and body. 

  2. 24 hour contact available via phone for any questions, queries or concerns. 

  3. Ayurvedic pregnancy massage given with soothing medicated oils to strengthen and nourish mother and baby. 





  1. Fortnightly check-ups with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or Doctor in monitoring mother and baby’s progress. 

  2. 24-hour contact available via phone for any questions, queries or concerns. 

  3. Ayurvedic pregnancy massage given with soothing medicated oils to strengthen and nourish mother and baby. 

  4. Yoga, breathing and meditation practices taught to both mother and partner in preparation for use during birth to naturally manage pain and fatigue. 




Your Ayurvedic Practitioner or Doctor can be present at the birth if requested as a support member in assisting mother and partner. This includes, working with mother and partner in implementing the yoga, breathing and meditation practices as taught in months prior, providing Ayurvedic aromatherapy, massage and music if requested. 



Weekly to twice weekly (if required) home or hospital visits to provide education, health care and support for mothers and babies through:

  • Check ups on general health of mother and baby,

  • Breastfeeding support, 

  • Establishing sleep and feeding routines for baby, 

  • Dietary guidelines for mother’s recovery, 

  • Massage for both mother and baby and,

  • Herbal medicinal support for both mother and baby as required. 


"An integrated Ayurvedic medicine & lifestyle course providing support and training to families with children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder."


This intensive and hands-on learning experience offers an ideal opportunity for family members, carers, paraprofessional and school staff working with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

an opportunity to learn holistic strategies of support. 


Together with Tamika Harrison from The Sattva Centre, Dr Bosco from Ayur Health is an additional, highly skilled and recognised, physician who facilitates this training. 




Mother & Child Shooting Arrows


  • An introduction to Ayurveda and its understanding of ASD

  • Customising Daily Routines using Ayurvedic Principles 

  • Music Therapy, Yoga and Mindfulness Techniques for Relaxation and Regulation 

  • Biological Rhythms – Its Importance and Application for  ASD

  • Developing a Sensory Diet using an Ayurvedic Approach

  • Principles of Food and Eating Using Ayurvedic Principles


This 2 day workshop series can be adapted to a 1 day training opportunity for staff within school and other health professional settings. Please contact us for further information and inquiries. 

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