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Banksia Drive, Bridgewater, SA 5155

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Tues & Wed 15th & 12th | 9:30am-2:30pm Clinic BOOKED OUT

Saturday 15th | 9am-12pm Clinic


Tues & Wed 22nd & 23rd| 9:30am-2:30pm Clinic   2 APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE

Saturday 26th | 9am-12pm Clinic


Tues & Wed 29th & 30th | 9:30am-2:30pm Clinic 


For September 2023 bookings please click here



“Tamika helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is an amazingly versatile and empathic therapist who I can highly recommend.”


I have been a client of Tamika Harrison for over two years. When possible, I have been a client
seeing her regularly. My health and well-being have been supported by her treatments over this
time. She is a very skilled practioner.
She espouses the values of “Respect”,” Integrity”, “Compassion” and “Excellence”.


 "You are in good hands when you work with Tamika Harrison. She has inner strength and wisdom combined with hands on experience and technical mastery to support you through challenging times. Tamika is extremely caring and you always feel supported when working with her. "


“Through her professional, empathetic and friendly approach Tamika has supported and guided my journey to a much greater understanding of how to manage and nurture my own health and well being. I cannot thank her enough.”


“I first came to see Tamika for issues with menopause and also voice/throat issues caused by teaching alot.
Her approach is simple and effective which I found easy to adapt into my daily routine.


My menopause symptoms in particular were becoming challenging for me. With Tamikas guidance, it wasn't long before I started seeing some amazing results and feeling better in my general overall health.

Her knowledge is exceptional and she is warm, kind, patient and reassuring. You leave with many different recipes and tonics to help you on the path to better health.
I highly recommend Tamika as an incredible Ayurvedic professional.”


'I am so grateful for Tamika's personalised approach and her genuine warmth and care for her clients. She is a rich source of encouragement, tailored information and support, offering a truly holistic approach.


I have seen significant improvements in my health and vitality since working with Tamika and always look forward to our appointments.


Tamika's passion for this work, and for life in general, is such a source of inspiration for me. I would strongly recommend Tamika to anyone who is ready to make meaningful shifts in their health and their life."


“Finding Tamika brought a positive impact to my world!


Initially I was seeking help fighting my rosacea outbreaks, little did I know the Ayurveda journey I was about to embark on would bring peace to many areas of my life. 


With gentle guidance, gorgeous treatments, Ayurvedic prescriptions and simple education from Tamika, I have successfully managed my skin outbreaks, balanced my hormones, found solutions to support seasonal challenges, created emotional balance and implanted easy daily self-care practices.


My home remedies kit now contains herbs that, when used in their various forms and in conjunction with other simple ingredients found within nature, provide powerful support to all areas of my wellness. Small additions to my daily self care routine enable me to easily release environmental and other toxins that would otherwise create an imbalance in my mind, body and soul. I have changed my mindset and strengthened my relationships, all resulting in a more rewarding life.


Ayurveda treatments are affordable and totally life changing, I highly recommend Tamika as your guide and Ayurvedic Practitioner.” 


Tamika has been a blessing! She is a wealth of knowledge and is always my go-to person for help. 


She is so generous, kind and caring. ALWAYS doing her best to help in whatever way she can.


Tamika is a very special  lady, she has a vast knowledge in her field & really helped me improve my health & wellbeing. I’d recommend her to anyone, have never felt better!


Working alongside Tamika has been a true blessing. Since day one, I continue to feel supported on my personal healing journey and have gained immense value towards living a more healthier, holistic path. Tamika is light and love. She naturally radiates in her passion for healing and embodies the teachings she shares with others.


Tamika is simply incredible. Her depth of knowledge about Ayurveda and the workings of the body are incredible. She has helped me throughout my life so much, especially as a new mum, both physically and emotionally.
I am grateful that I have Tamika as my support and continuous guidance as I navigate through my life’s journey. You’re one of a kind Tamika and I have no hesitation in recommending you and all you have to offer to others.


Tamika’s expert approach and guidance using Ayurvedic practices, philosophies and medicines has facilitated my me to heal physically, psychically, and emotionally in times throughout my life where I have been under immense pressure and exhausted. Tamika’s consultations are insightful and the herbs and dietary recommendations she offers me have always helped bring me back to optimal health and assisted me to experience a sense of overall well-being.


Tamika Harrison summed up in one word: Pollyanna....(a masterful one too)


Tamika Harrison summed up in one sentence: Not of this World, but certainly of this Multi-Universe.....   


Tamika Harrison summed up in one paragraph: A being of such high vibration and dedication of  'Service to Others' where most of us get caught in 'Service to Self'. You are left with an overwhelming feeling of warmth, healthy invigoration, spiritual regeneration and burgeoning initiatives after spending an hour session with the utterly beautiful Mrs Harrison. 

She freely shares her Ayurvedic knowledge, supreme nutritional well-being tips and  deep spiritual essence (should you wish to go there), but never are any of her ideas or information forced upon you.  During your session, you will feel like you are the only entity in this multi-universe that matters. After the session, you drive away feeling like you are ready to brave the world and take your next genius step in your momentous  journey. The biggest issue you will find with the unique Harrison is that you will want to squeeze her into a fancy diamond sapphire genie bottle and make a quick getaway on your broomstick laden with a leviathan of amity and sweetheart!


Please let me know how I can be of service. 

0433 957 982

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