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Tamika knows

When first diagnosed with cancer, the immediate question I asked myself was, 'how did YOU get sick?'

An Ayurvedic practitioner not only preaching, but practicing health and wellness in all aspects of life. 

Understanding Chronic Illness

This question alone has changed my life both personally and as a health care practitioner. In Ayurveda, one of the key factors taken into consideration when treating any disease or symptom, is to establish root cause. Treat the cause, eliminate the problem.


Here’s the thing. The root cause of chronic disease has changed. We are living in a new era where the human body is more exposed to, and virtually saturated in, a plethora of virus/bacteria, chemicals, poisons, radiation and toxic heavy metals more than ever before in human history. Combine this with potential ongoing and excessive levels of stress, diets laden with high fat, high protein and processed “dead foods”, with minimal to no fruit and vegetables. All amplified with chronic dehydration from caffeine, alcohol and poor water quality. Layer it up with a polluted and deteriorating natural environment, it is no wonder chronic illness is on the rise and getting more severe with what seems to be every day.


Thanks to the selfless and ongoing work of Anthony William the Medical Medium, we have been gifted new knowledge on the root causes for current chronic disease and how to finally heal in the treacherous modern age we live in. This knowledge, firmly embedded into Ayurvedic practice, fuelled my recovery and saved my life after the effective, but brutal chemo and radiotherapy treatments I underwent for Hodgkins Lymphoma.


As anyone who has ever worked with me can attest, I have always been a strong advocate for integrated medicine. Many modalities across the field of both conventional and holistic medicine, have strengths in aiding people to heal. However, we MUST start to see chronic illness through a different lens to better outcomes for anyone suffering with long term and debilitating symptoms.


Our bodies do not fail us, on the contrary, the human body is unbelievably intelligent and constantly trying to find balance, equilibrium. Symptoms are not “random” or your fault, no one “manifests” their disease. At present, for most of us, the body, mind and soul are under horrendous stress, attempting to filter out and fight off exposures never seen before by our ancestors.


This being said, there are answers. I believe on the whole, we are capable of healing long-term illness – even in its most severe forms. Consider my journey proof of this fact. However, firstly we need to understand what creates chronic illness and be up-skilled in ways to not only treat the disease, but live free from symptoms permanently. This can be applied to whatever modality you practice or use, Ayurveda included.


It is my purpose and my mission to be of service in helping others to heal. Through the lens of Ayurveda and personal experience, my intention is to assist you my dear reader, in beginning to understand your pathway forward to a happy, healthy and vibrant life. It is possible and it is your birth right.


Your illness is not your fault, it is however, now time for you to take responsibility. To take charge, to own your health and your healing. I am here with you, every step of the way.


Let’s get started - in it together, always.


Please let me know how I can be of service. 

0433 957 982

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