Morning sickness, or while I was pregnant, I called it "all-day-every-day-never ending-sickness". Morning sickness is so variable in presentation and is experienced differently by every woman. It can be a singular experience of nausea, vomiting, smell sensitivity, feeling light-headed, fatigue and bloating. Or... you can have all of the above symptoms, in varying degrees,

However, the good thing about Morning Sickness is that it will eventually pass. At least there is an expiration date and you get a most amazing reward for your hard work!

In the meantime though, I would strongly recommend employing some Ayurvedic strategies in managing the symptoms of Morning Sickness. This is so you are able to continue eating and drinking a little, and maintaining some form of your standard daily routine.

Cold infusion or Hima in Ayurveda is a process to which you seep certain herbs and spices in cold water to infuse, rather than boil and activate. A clove cold infusion can be very effective in managing the symptoms of Morning Sickness.


  • 12 grams of powdered cloves

  • 72 ml of cool, filtered water

  • Some cheese or muslin cloth


  1. In the evening before bed, put the cool water and powdered clove into a bowl or glass.

  2. Allow to seep overnight and in the morning, using the cheesecloth, strain the liquid well.

  3. Sip half of the liquid slowly either before or after eating (whatever you can manage while morning sick).

  4. In the evening before or after dinner, consume the other half. Alternatively, you can do this before or after lunch as well.

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