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Life is a unique experience for all and even though this journey doesn’t spare anyone when it comes to challenges and hardship, only very few are privileged with care and support of loved ones.

Love & Light Foundation is a non for profit community support organisation established in 2018. This was shortly after I was introduced to the Special Education Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner Tamika Harrison, of The Sattva Centre, with whom I shared similar values and visions.

Love&Light- Community Connections_edited

Whilst counting my blessings with all the amazing support and guidance my family and I received through the Sattva Centre and other sources appearing from different corners, the vision of a community support network slowly bloomed into a mission, as I came to realise that there are many women, children ad families without such networks.

Love & Light Foundation believes in the universal connection of all beings and in the ripple effect of our collective actions.

Our mission is to effect change to our local and global community through education and ongoing holistic healthcare solutions. 


The Love and Light Foundation consist of two separate missions, united under the one vision:


Love & Light Foundation - Community Connections: aims to break the cycle of poverty in local and global communities through frontline aid, access to ongoing holistic health care and education opportunities to empower and create independence. 

Love & Light Foundation - Restoration Project: aims to provide holistic health care and education for those brave frontiers of foundations, communities, organisations, volunteers and activists who are committed to creating positive change for our world.



To be able to give is a gift.




Love & light


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