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This workshop will ignite your love for the garden

by guiding you on how to grow your own kitchen

pharmacy for year long medicinal and culinary

supply of fresh herbs and spices.

This hands-on workshop experience will be set in

the lush gardens of the Sattva Centre where you

learn the following skills in developing your own

medicinal garden: 

  • Seasonal patterns

  • What to sow at particular times of year

  • How to sprout rhizomes for planting

  • Variety of planting techniques 

  • How to plant/sow, maintain, prune and harvest 

  • How to manage pests naturally 

  • A tour of the Sattva Gardens 


All resources, a gardening starter kit and morning tea provided



Have you ever looked at the spices in your kitchen cupboard and wondered - how do I actually cook these properly? What spices blend well together and what are the health benefits?


It is my absolute joy to offer you an opportunity to learn, love and utilise your spices not only for enhancing your food but as very effective and powerful healing medicines also. 

The first workshop of this Ayurvedic education experience, will explore how to properly activate and prepare your spices, delve into learning individual spice profiles – their properties, beneficial blends and healing capacities as well as easy-to-access recipes you can incorporate on a daily basis.



The second workshop will explore how to use simple culinary spices and combinations for First Aid within your home - from heartburn to a sprained ankle, spices can be used quickly and effectively to soothe and facilitate healing for a variety of conditions.


So please do join me, for one or both workshops - a guaranteed morning of immersive learning, a beautiful Ayurvedic morning tea prepared by yours truly (the best homemade chai provided by the Master of Tea, my husband Parry) and all resources are included for you to take home and implement your new knowledge immediately.



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