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(B.F.A., M.Spec Ed., Ad. Dip Ayurveda)


Founder & Director

Educator & Ayurvedic Practitioner


Tamika is a passionate Ayurvedic practitioner dedicated to providing accessible and high quality Ayurvedic health care for today’s modern Australian and global community.

Also a qualified dancer and special needs educator, Tamika specialises in providing holistic health care strategies for parents and young families, individuals with special needs, women’s and men’s health solutions for all ages, tailored programmes for athletes and providing long term support for individuals with chronic conditions.


The Sattva Centre was created as a sanctuary for the community to access Ayurvedic education opportunities, long term health care and a place to reconnect, replenish and strengthen all aspects of self.


(Ad. Dip Business Management)


Creative Director 


Poona is a dedicated Ayurvedic and as the Creative Director committed to providing quality support to The Sattva Centre.

Starting off as a patient of The Sattva Centre, Poona's life (and that of her young family) took another direction thanks to Tamika's guidance and the Ayurvedic holistic healing approach.

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