What an unusual, beautifully coloured and special tasting fruit that the pomegranate is. Pomegranate has been made popular through Middle Eastern cuisine and is commonly used in salads and desserts to add a special sweetness and crunch.

A fact to which some are unaware, is that pomegranate has high Ayurvedic medicinal value as well. The cooling and sweet juice of the pomegranate can relieve hyper acidity and reflux as well as strengthen the heart and nourish the blood. It is also a well known aphrodisiac and the rind of the fruit (treated and given properly through Ayurvedic prescription) can treat dysentery, parasites of the gut and menstrual issues. In addition, the juice and flesh of the fruit help to nourish the brain and nervous system.

Please utilise this lovely fruit in season now, have some of the juice or the little red gems to add a sparkle to your day - your body will thank you for it!

With love and light,

Tamika x

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