Put every effort into organising your life, but remember that the ultimate organiser is Nature.”

Deepak Chopra ⁣

One of my favourite books of all time is the Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success written by Deepak Chopra. In this comprehensive spiritual guidebook, Deepak explains one of my key guiding principles for life and health, which is the “Law of Least Effort.” This concept encourages us to live a life that is in harmony with Universal guidance and our purpose - thereby creating effortlessness, peace and joy in all that we do through utilising our strengths and individuality. ⁣


If there is a great sacrifice of peace and well-being connected to achieving any aspect of our lives, it’s time to reanalyse. As Deepak will often say, if it feels right - do it. If it doesn’t feel right - don’t. It is that simple but not always easy to follow in a world where ‘pushing through’, and persisting at all costs are seen as positive attributes rather than potentially hindering ones. Especially when it comes to our health. ⁣

Deepak outlines three practices to try throughout your day in beginning to work with the Law of Least Effort. I encourage you to try and simply observe what happens - maybe you will find an alignment with things you do already or be challenged by how much ‘effort’ you are investing in particular areas of your health and well-being.⁣


  1. I will practice Acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are this moment, not as I wish they were.

  2. Having accepted things as they are, I will take Responsibility for my situation and for all those events I see as problems. I know that taking responsibility means not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (and this includes myself). I also know that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, and this alertness to opportunities allows me to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit.

  3. Today my awareness will remain established in defencelessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view, and I will feel no need to persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.

Go well and with ease my friends,

T x

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