This beautiful, odd shaped melon reminds me of the Snozz Cumbers in the child’s book classic the BFG. Unlike the Snozz Cumbers however, Bitter Melons are nutritious powerhouses and have high medicinal value.

The bitter flavour and watery nature of Bitter Melon have deeply cooling and cleansing properties for the body - particularly in the high Pitta season of Summer. These bumpy little veggies pacify the Pitta dosha almost immediately, giving the body and mind relief from heat and inflammation across the board. Even a small amount of this super food can support healthy liver function, regulate sugar levels, cleanse the blood, cool and soothe a body that’s overheating and dehydrated.

It’s therefore no surprise that Bitter Melons are in season during the Australian summer and readily available at Farmers Markets and some supermarkets. You can even add some as a garnish to your meals. Try creating my super simple mixed vegetable and cooling greens recipe for a great, quick and easy Summer dinner choice. Click here for the recipe.

With love and light,

T x

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