On Sunday early evening, after a weekend of work and social events, the kids and I were tired, ratty and needed a break. We wandered down to the garden and began to do some veggie picking, flower collecting and light weeding. ⁣

There have been these odd plants growing in the corner of my veggie patch all season and they very much, to what I believed, looked like some rogue sunflowers. So Eli and I got our spades and begun digging them up. ⁣

Some little bulbs came up with the stalks, and not just a few, multitudes. Eli had a wonderful time picking them all off and the Charli the pug baby began eating all she could find (she’s a root veg kinda girl). ⁣

Turns out, after some Googling, I have by accident, planted a tonne of Jerusalem-Artichoke! Needless to say I stopped weeding them and started researching how to cook and utilise this little potato-like gem. ⁣

Jerusalem-Artichokes have a nutty, well rounded flavour that can be cooked very much like a potato or root veg. You can finely slice them and make chips, boil and mash, add to your soup, roast or add to pizzas, bakes and stews. ⁣

Because they are slightly Vata increasing, building gas in the GIT, cooking them well with some oils and digestive spice is optimum for this time of year. Jerusalem-Artichokes pacify the Kapha dosha, aiding to lower blood pressure and decrease blood cholesterol. They are also high in protein, potassium and contain quite a high level of iron. 1 cup of artichoke roughly gives you a 1/4 of your daily iron requirements. How good is that?! ⁣

Well I’m off now to start experimenting and cooking with my new little discoveries! ⁣

Light and love,⁣

Tamika x

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