I was watching my son yesterday slowly wander or quickly dash back and forth from the sand to the sea, filling up his little bucket with water to help build a magnificent sand castle. Every step was completed with such purpose - no distraction of what had been or what was to come. Just a simple connection and complete bliss in experiencing the present moment. ⁣

Our children can teach us a great deal about becoming more mindful and grateful humans. Due to the hustle and bustle of our daily adult lives, we are constantly torn between our last actions in amongst plans for our future that forget to be just where we are. In becoming immersed in the energy of each moment, our mind, body and soul are immediately aligned. Therefore, creating greater health and well-being across all areas. ⁣

Daily meditation is a wonderful way to practice quietening the mind and body in order to reconnect, restore and clarify. But meditation can come in more forms than sitting or lying down to practice. Meditation can be simply a concentrated few deep breaths, eating your meal silently with a focus on each bite or walking whilst only concentrating on each step as you take it. ⁣

Bless my boy for that little reminder. The sand castle rocked by the way - with a moat and everything! ⁣

Love and light, ⁣

Tamika x

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