Hello from New Zealand! What a spectacular country it is - we've  roamed the North Island in a camper van stopping at every point that catches our eye. We have seen the most spectacular rain forests, the furthest northern cape, waterfalls, slept right on the beaches with clear blue waters and crystal white sand, swam in thermal pools and have eaten the most delicious Ayurvedic camp food. Totally our type of holiday and one suited to all adventurers who love to explore the natural world.

The picture you can see is one of the first photos I took on our trip. It was late afternoon on our first day and we followed the signs to a little beach called Muriwai - little did we know how truly spectacular it was. This epic beach is attached to a sea cave, stunning jaggered cliffs and there is a beautiful walk through a little forest to stumble upon hundreds (literally) of gannet birds nesting on the cliff faces. This I was told only happens once a year as the gannet birds flock to these cliffs for protection from predators and the elements to have their babies. I sat and observed these magnificent birds for a good thirty minutes. They all had purpose to their actions - building their nests with the grass, gliding on the wind to spot the fish and all nesting in perfect rows as a wind break protection for each other. All of this behaviour resonated such intuition of an exceptionally intelligent species. These birds aren't taught these behaviours, they simply follow an inbuilt, natural instinct that is in tune with the natural workings of the world to help protect them and ensure the species carries on.

Now, as I tend to put an Ayurvedic spin on everything, these birds got me thinking about human intuition and how much we do, or in lots of cases, don't follow it. Some people call it the gut feeling, others say it's a calling and in Ayurveda it is referred to as dharma which in translation means the eternal law of the cosmos or the inherent nature of things - humans, plants, the elements etc. A life lead in connection with your dharma, your life purpose, creates a sense of meaning and effortlessness in your life as it works harmoniously with the natural laws of the world. So coming back to the birds as an example. Imagine if those birds started nesting in the grasses on the dunes of the cliff, they would be hunted by predators and would not survive. The same as if they came during the colder months, the storms and freezing weather would have the same dreary outcome. In order to flourish as a species, these birds tap into the universal intuition to guide their behaviours and interactions.

We too, can lead a life of harmony and balance by tapping into our intuition. Deepak Chopra, an Ayurvedic doctor and author, once said - if a decision feels right, do it. In the same breath, if you have a niggling feeling that it is not, don't. It really is that simple and can be applied to every aspect of your life. For example, going to eat something for dinner and you are hungry - what appeals to you at this moment? If it is a warm soup or some lightly stir fried vegetables, then eat what you feel like. The body is intelligent and will guide you as to what it needs. This can be applied to our relationships, our careers, our place of living, or even how to respond to a question someone has asked you. Your intuition or gut feeling is never wrong as it is guided by the universal laws and from the essence of our true selves.

The one often challenging aspect of following our intuitions is our minds - the mind loves to chatter away presenting all the pros, cons and past experiences that may apply to the choices we make. The intuition can only be heard through stillness. This stillness comes through consistent practice, especially if your mind is used to being busy and cluttered. The best way to still the mind is through some form of mindful practice - meditation, yoga, nature based activities like hiking, prayer or focused creative tasks. All of the above activities quieten the endless chatter of the mind and allow your intuition to become the master.

Our intuition is a powerful channel we possess that allows us to live in harmonious alignment with our world. Today I would like you to reflect upon the choices you make and whether they are stemming from habit, the mind or from the stillness of your intuition. See what occurs when you employ your intuition more often - is there more ease, more harmony, greater joy throughout all areas of your life? In my experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

With love and light,

Tamika x

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