Updated: Oct 30, 2019

As I waddle to the end of my pregnancy, I feel slow enough to have had some time to reflect upon the journey and perhaps what adventures lay before me and my little family.

To be honest, pregnancy has been one of the most challenging experiences I have yet to date. Not at all in a negative sense, but as I am sure any mum can relate to, being pregnant questions you on every level. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It feels as if your body is no longer really yours (especially physically), it is on loan to the little human you are assisting to create. You can't breeze past lunch with just a cup of tea or stay up a couple of hours later to write a post, this is all secondary to the health and well being of both of you.

And what a strange concept that is for someone like me... A professional dancer in a past profession and someone who has always had a firm finger on the pulse of her own needs, is suddenly having to let go of that control and allow bubs and the present moment to dictate actions. At first, I fought with every fibre of my being to not allow that to occur as I I felt I knew all the strategies to make myself fit, healthy and happy. I continued to run daily, eat as I normally would and try to sleep in accordance to normal routine.

Turns out, running was not so flash as I have had pretty significant pelvic issues throughout the last month, the food I was eating needed to be more regular with difference in flavour and density as well as some yoga practice I was engaging in was actually aggravating my baby and my condition. So, how do you embrace having to let go of what you possibly know and have always relied on?


If your hips are too sore to run? Then you join a pool and swim laps everyday to release pain and tension. If your body and baby no longer likes spice in food and your favourite meal of dahl and tea suddenly disagrees with you? You make a light cooked salad and have a happy bubs swirling about because of it. And here is the big thing I have learnt.... In order to not go insane with questions of "why do I have to do this?" "swimming laps?! I hate swimming laps and the smell of chlorine!!" I had to turn my questions around to read..."What is best for my baby's health and mine?" Whatever it takes, I will participate in this willingly, presently and allow the time and space for things to take its course.

Meditation has been a savour, constantly drawing me back to the present moment and allowing me to observe possible physical discomfort rather than be consumed by it. I highly recommend it for anyone in their final trimester or really just as a positive daily practice throughout any time of your life. 

Through a gradual change in my mindset and lifestyle to embrace pregnancy and motherhood (although I have not mastered it), I have been able to much better enjoy the truly awesome experience of growing a human. Watching your baby move about, get bigger everyday (literally) or get the hiccups is just the best - there is so much joy amongst the challenges.

Light and love,

Tamika x

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