Updated: Oct 13, 2019

A very Happy New Year to you  - may 2017 be a year of balanced health for all. However, it is likely at this possible moment that you and your digestive system are feeling far from balanced. The festive season is a culinary delight for most - large meals, tasty morsels, wondrous assortments of beverages and more sweets than you can fit in the cupboard...

But with this comes possibly tummy aches, cramps, constipation, hyper acidity, lack of appetite and a lingering heaviness in the stomach or bowel. This is simply the body informing you that all of these tasty, often incompatible foods, are causing possible toxin build up in the gut and making you feel, well, blah.

The great news is that there is one very simple, easy solution to help get your appetite back and clear some of the toxins or as Ayurveda calls it, Ama from the body.

The answer is ginger. A simple culinary spice with so many healing qualities.

A fresh slice of ginger or a pinch of ginger powder in a glass of pre-boiled warm water can be a super quick, simple and actually tasty way of igniting the Agni (digestive fire) and clearing toxins from the body. Sip a few glasses throughout the day - especially before meals and we think you may find that your appetite and pep in your step increase!

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms on a regular basis, would like to know more about simple Ayurveda principles for daily living or to have a thorough consultation with us in person - please do not hesitate to contact us

With love and light,

Tamika x

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